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Our Principles Of Care

  • We are committed to ensuring our team of careers are fully trained to ensure the continuity and delivery of second to none care.
  • We are committed to ensuring each person is responded to as an individual in their own right and not as a group and that his/her own unique personality, strengths, needs and perspectives are top priority.
  • We ensure that each individual’s rights are respected and not infringed and that our service users utilise their rights fully.
  • We ensure that service user’s choices are respected at all times and that they are given encouragement and support with their choices.
  • We ensure that services users privacy and dignity is respected at all times and that everyone is treated in a manner which safeguard privacy and dignity and which does not cause or have the potential to cause embarrassment, humiliation or cause personal/emotional discomfort.
  • We ensure that our service users are given access to sufficient and correct information to support them making choices.
  • We ensure that service users continue to maintain their independence, empowering them as individuals to be involved in the day to day activity within the home. Encouraging service users to learn new skills to increase independence, to only assist with the things the individuals find difficult to lesson the likelihood of an individual becoming unnecessarily dependant.
  • We ensure that consideration is shown to all individuals and to demonstrate through actions and attitudes that people are worthy of respect. That opinions, values and achievements are valued.
  • We ensure that the primary care values are met at all times: privacy, dignity, individuality, independence, confidentiality, right, empowerment, choice and fulfilment of client group.

Staff Training

All of our staff work towards the following training qualifications;
(Those in red are National Minimum Standards mandatory training requirements)

NVQ level 2 - minimum
Principles of Moving and Handling
Fire Training
Food Hygiene Awareness
Basic Health and Safety
Infection Control
Appointed First Aid Person
Protection of Vulnerable Adults/Sageguarding Adults
Advanced Medication Administration

Dementia Care
Basic Life Support
Continence Care
Oral Health
Catheter care
Feeding and swallowing
Parkinson’s Disease
Mental Incapacity Act (incorporating Deprivation of Liberty)
Pressure Area Care
Care of the Dying
Funeral/Bereavement Awareness
Stroke Awareness
Incontinence Catheter Care
Communication Awareness
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health